Painfree waxing anyone?

Outback Organics

In 2010 Outback Organics teamed up with UK Wax Specialist and educator Andy Rouillard to create a complete range of wax related skin product's. Fusing the latest cosmetic ingredient's with innovative natural extract from the coastline, forest's and bushland of Australia the Outback Organics wax range which includes suitably named Bush Balm were developed. This range is designed to be kind to the skin with healing and soothing properties containing ingredients such as Mountain Pepper* Bergamot Orange Oil* and Lemon Myrtle Oil*

Outback Gold is a hot wax that uses advanced polymer technology which means it shrink wraps each hair to effectively remove it from the root. It goes on super thin and dries under 30 secs! Virtually pain free Outback gold, removes even the shortest hairs from the root, encouraging finer re-growth.

Having experienced this wax at on many occasions with the wonderfully efficient Neeta, I'm addicted. It has a much slower regrowth, is super kind to your skin and you can forget about ingrown hairs - I can't get enough. You must try it. A true breakthrough in hot wax I believe! 

*Mountain Pepper - The leaves and berries have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and are use by the locals for aches and pain. Found in the woodland areas of Southeast Australia.

*Bergamot Orange Oil - Antiseptic essential oil with uplifting sweet fruity aroma

*Lemon Myrtle Oil - Antibacterial essential oil from Australia with a fresh citrus fragrance. Used by indigenous people as a tonic and stimulant.